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    Nashville's Christmas Tradition for 39 years.

    Providing Middle Tennessee families with the best quality Christmas trees you can find.

  • Thank you Nashville for a wonderful 39th season!

  • Tree Removal Request

    The Treemen of Santa's Trees independently operate a tree pick-up service. Please fill out the form and one of our Treemen will contact you shortly with confirmation.

  • Locations

    Eight locations across Middle Tennessee. Click locations below for directions.

    3201 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville TN 37215

    2501 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204​

    110 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

    289 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027

    530 Cool Springs Blvd, Franklin, TN 37067

    2184 Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37069

    525 New Shackle Island Rd, Hendersonville, TN 37075

    1982 Providence Pkwy
    Mt. Juliet, TN 3712

  • Fresh Trees Weekly

    Fresh trees are delivered straight from the farm to each of our nine locations every week throughout the season.

    Custom Delivery & Setup

    Let us do the heavy lifting and help bring the spirit of Christmas right to your front door.

    Helpful & friendly Treemen at every location.

    Our Treemen are the real deal and take the responsibility of serving Christmas spirit to Nashville very seriously. Let us help you find the perfect tree with perfect service.

    Custom Lighting and Flocking

    Come and visit our Sharondale / Hillsboro North Location and give your tree the look that will be sure to wow.

  • Santa's Trees, Wreaths, Garland, and Greenery

    Each week, we bring fresh trees back from the Christmas tree farm and deliver them to all eight of our lots. No matter when you shop, you are always getting the freshest products available. All of our trees and greenery are fresh-cut and fragrant – guaranteed.

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    Premium Fraser Fir Trees​

    Our Premium Fir has a beautiful shape, extraordinary needle retention and a superior fragrance. It is the #1 choice of all Christmas trees, with a perfect forest-green color and strong branches that are easy to decorate. Our premium trees just can't be found in regular retail stores.

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    From small to huge, simple to extraordinaire, we got you covered. Our beautiful Fraser Fir tips are hand-selected, fresh and fragrant for every single wreath we create.

    We offer wreaths made from traditional Fraser Fir, Boxwood and Multi-select with four different materials.

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    Garlands​ and Greenery

    We are famous for our fragrant, handwoven garlands! They make stunning accents for doorways, windows, stairways, hearths, balcony railings, mantels...you name it!

    We offer garlands made from White Pine, Fraser Fir, Boxwood and Multi-select which contains four different materials.​

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    Wood Reindeer

    These wood deer add some serious Christmas charm to your porch, patio, or living room. A delight to both kids and kids at heart. They come in a variety of sizes and features, and adding to the herd has become a seasonal tradition for many of our customers.

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    Tree Flocking

    Have your tree look like it has been snowed upon. Flocked Trees are available at the Sharondale Location. After selecting your tree there will be a 4 day processing time to make your tree look perfect.​

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    Tree Lighting

    Have your tree professionally lit and save yourself the time and hassle of untangling last year's lights. Visit our Sharondale Location and speak with one of our Treemen about selection and scheduling.

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    Delivery & Setup

    We are receiving emails and returning voicemail messages for the 2023 season.


    Santa's Trees offers custom home or office delivery and setup for your Christmas tree and accessories. We do the heavy lifting; you just string up the lights!


    The office opens on November 8th. Give us a call at (615)467-4001 or stop by one of our lots for more information.

  • Christmas Tree Varieties

    While Santa's Christmas Trees specializes in Fraser Firs from Noth Carolina, we also have a selection of trees from the West Coast. What tree would look best in your home?

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    Fraser Fir

    Fraser firs are native to the Appalachian Mountains and have an attractive, symmetrical shape with dense foliage, which provides an ideal canvas for ornaments and decorations. Their soft, fragrant needles have a pleasant aroma and tend to hold onto the branches well, reducing needle drop and maintenance. Additionally, the sturdy branches can support a variety of ornaments, making them a popular choice.

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    Noble Fir

    A West Coast classic, noble firs are known for their sometimes bluish-green hue and dense branches. They have an elegant, pyramid-like shape and sturdy branches that can accommodate heavy ornaments.

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    Nordmann Fir

    Another West Coast favorite is the Nordmann Fir. Known for its lush dark green needles that are soft to the touch. They have a pleasant, mild fragrance, it is not as strong as some other Christmas tree varieties, making them a good choice for those who prefer a subtler scent.

  • Unfortunately, we have still not heard from our trucker heading in from the west coast. Please check back for an announcement of arrival.


  • Tree Care Instructions

    Keep your tree greener for longer with these simple tips

    Making the Cut

    As part of the Santa's Trees service, we make a straight cut across the trunk about half an inch from the base. This will help the tree absorb water more effectively.

    Use a tree stand with a water reservoir

    Place your tree in a stand that can hold water. A typical rule of thumb is that a tree can absorb about a quart of water per inch of trunk diameter. Be sure to keep the water level above the base of the trunk to prevent it from drying out. The Cinco brand stands that Santa's Trees sells are made to accomplish this.


    Position your tree away from radiators, heating vents, fireplaces, and other heat sources. Excessive heat can cause the tree to dry out more quickly. If placement away from a vent is not possible, cover the vent.


    Water your tree regularly

    Check the water level in the tree stand daily, especially in the first few days. A hydrated tree will stay fresh longer. Do not let the water level drop below the base of the trunk, as the tree may seal itself off, making it more difficult to rehydrate.

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    Each holiday season, shoppers find themselves confronted with a choice: celebrate with a fresh, real tree, or one that is artificial plastic or aluminum. What most people don't realize is that the best choice has always been the traditional and natural choice - a Real Christmas Tree.


    Real Christmas Trees Benefit the Environment.

    While they're growing, Real Christmas Trees support life by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases and emitting fresh oxygen.

    The farms that grow Christmas Trees stabilize soil, protect water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife while creating scenic green belts. Often, Christmas Trees are grown on soil that doesn't support other crops.


    Real Christmas Trees Are Renewable.

    Real Christmas Trees are grown on farms just like any other crop. To ensure a constant supply, Christmas Tree growers plant one to three new seedlings for every tree they harvest.


    On the other hand, artificial trees are a petroleum-based product manufactured primarily in Chinese factories. The average family uses an artificial tree for only six to nine years before throwing it away, where it will remain in a landfill for centuries after disposal.


    Real Christmas Trees Are Recyclable.

    Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes.

    Most fake trees (85%) in the U.S. are imported from China. Almost 10 Million fake trees were sold worldwide in 2003.

    Most artificial Christmas trees are made of metals and plastics. The plastic material, typically PVC, can be a potential source of hazardous lead. The potential for lead poisoning is great enough that fake trees made in China are required by California Prop 65 to have a warning label.


    Overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wires are the most common causes of holiday fires in residences - these are just as likely to affect artificial trees as Real Trees.


    In 2004, the Farmington Hills Fire Department in metropolitan Detroit conducted a test of how real and artificial trees react in a house fire. The artificial tree, which was advertised as “flame retardant,” did resist the flames for an amount of time, but then was engulfed in flames and projected significant heat and toxic smoke, containing hydrogen chloride gas and dioxin.


    Are fake trees better for the environment?

    As mentioned before, most artificial trees are manufactured in China and contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride). In fact, artifical Christmas Trees were recently added to the Center for Health, Environment & Justice's list of household products containing PVC.


    According to the Children's Health Environmental Coalition, the manufacture of PVC creates and disperses dioxins, which include the most toxic man-made chemical known. Released into air or water, dioxins enter the food chain, where they accumulate in fatty tissues of animals and humans, a potential risk for causing cancer, damaging immune functions and impairing children's development.

    This issue is especially concerning due to China's weak enforcement of environmental regulations.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Got a question for Santa? He has answers.

    What are your hours of operation?

    We open 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. 7 days a week. We are closed on Thanksgiving Day. MtJuliet has a reduced schedule. Please click HERE for more info.

    Can I order my tree over the phone and schedule delivery?

    Yes, our phone and email support begins 14 days prior to Thanksgiving. If you have left a voicemail or sent an email, we will be happy to respond and schedule your order in November. If we don't answer right away during the season, please leave a voicemail. We will do our best to call back ASAP.

    Can you pick out a tree to be delivered without me traveling to your location?

    Sure thing. We call those "We Picks". The term “We Pick” means you have waived the right to choose your own product and that the Santa’s Trees staff will choose one for you. No returns are accepted for trees meeting height specifications. Trees are measured floor to tip before any additional cuts are administered and any approved returns must occur at the time of delivery. Delivered trees picked by the Santa’s Trees Staff must be 7’or taller



    Are you a Tree Farm?

    No. We operate traditional retail Christmas tree lots which are located in commercial areas around the Greater Nashville area. We source our fresh Christmas trees from Premium farms in North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. We do not operate any farms or have plantable trees.


    Can I schedule a photography session for a client at your tree lot and is there a fee?

    Our tree lot is designed for customers to select and purchase their tree while enjoying the Christmas season. We love for our customers to document their experiences and make memories with us.

    How much are your trees?

    Trees are priced by the height, grade and type of tree. Each location has various inventory and pricing and you would need to visit one of our locations to see what we have available.

    How much are your wreaths and garland?

    Wreaths and garland are priced by size, type greenery and any potential enhancements. Each location has various inventory and pricing and you would need to visit one of our locations to see what we have available.

    Phone and Email Support

    We are a small family-owned business that works very hard to meet the demands of this fast-paced business.

    If we do not answer immediately, please leave a message or an email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

  • Every Tree Has a Story

    Find out the fascinating journey your tree has traveled to make it to your home.

  • Our Story

    At age 17, Jim McLeod thought it would be fun to set up a small lot and sell Christmas trees. In years past, he had sold trees as a part-time job and enjoyed it enough to venture out on his own. So, he got to work and established his first tree lot on Hillsboro Road in the Grassland area in 1985.

    Jim was proud that Santa's Trees was one of Williamson County’s first Christmas tree lots.


    As the county grew over time, so did Jim’s business. Santa's Trees expanded from one lot to three lots in the first six years. Now, along with the growth in the greater Nashville area, Santa’s Trees operates eight locations and includes Hillsboro High School, East Nashville Magnet School, 12th South, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Grassland, Hendersonville, and Mt Juliet.


    Every Christmas, Jim's 120 staff members are eager to share in the holiday experience. They include seasonal workers, such as teachers, landscapers and musicians, who come back each year to work at the lot. About 15 staff members have been with Santa’s Trees for at least 12 years or more. They say there’s nothing better than selling the centerpiece to so many families’ Christmas, and that’s why they love their job so much.

    Not only does Santa’s Trees make tree-shopping enjoyable and informative, it offers a high-quality product at a great value. Since Santa’s Trees began in 1985, Jim has prided himself on selling only premium Fraser Fir Christmas trees. They are freshly cut every week, with a dark green color, lush foliage, excellent needle retention and strong branches. The trees’ ability to withstand heavy ornaments makes them a top seller. Fraser Firs are considered to be the top-of-the-line Christmas tree available.


    So come on down to one of Jim's lots, say hello, and check out some of the beautiful Christmas products. Santa's Trees has loved being a part of your holiday tradition for the last 30 plus years and can't wait to share many more with you.

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    Our 2017 Tree DreamTeam

    See our Brentwood Lot at work

    One our busiest and longest running lots in the Santa's Trees family

  • Connect With Santa's Trees

    Drop us a line and we'll make sure it gets to Santa

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  • Santa's Trees' Fundraising

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    We offer your school or nonprofit organization the opportunity to raise funds by operating a partial Christmas tree sale or a full traditional Christmas tree lot. Please contact us for more information regarding the opportunities available for your area.

    Brentwood High School

    With the help of the HG Hill Realty and US Bank in Brentwood, Santa's Trees has donated a portion of the Franklin Road lot's annual proceeds to Brentwood High School—raising more than $100,000 since 1996 to help the booster club support Brentwood students.

    Centennial High School

    In 2008, Santa’s Trees began operating a tree lot at 530 Cool Springs Blvd in partnership with Brookside Properties and Walgreens, who made the site available. Thanks to their generosity, Santa’s Trees donates a percentage of profits from the Franklin lot every year to Centennial High School.

    East Magnet School

    In 2015, Santa’s Trees began operating a traditional Christmas tree lot at 110 Gallatin Avenue for the East Magnet School which provides funds for student incentives and awards. The onsite sale was a giant success and we look forward to helping make this an annual tradition for the community in East Nashville

    Hillsboro High School

    The seasonal Christmas tree sale and fundraiser has been a tradition at Hillsboro High School for more than three decades. In 2014, Santa's Trees was selected to take over the Hillsboro tree lot. The money raised pays for student supplies and staff development, says HHS principal Terry Shrader. “It’s something we count on,” he says.

  • Custom wreaths, table, and mantle arrangements

    Stop by our 12th south location for wreaths and Christmas decor.

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  • 2019 Tree Removal Service

    The Treemen of Santa's Trees independently operate a tree removal service. Click below to schedule your tree pickup.

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    Thank You Nashville for a Wonderful 2019 Tree Season!

    From all of us at Santa's Trees, we wish you all the best in 2020. We can't wait to serve you again next year. Check back with us in November for updates on the upcoming season.

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    Current Inventory

    2019 is wrapping up. Check the link below to see the latest consolidations, location closings, and where you can still find the perfect tree before Christmas.

  • Want to join the Santa's Trees Team?

    Become part of the Santa's Trees Fraternity of Treemen. Earn great pay while working hard providing Christmas cheer to all our customers.


    Please include your age, recent work history, and your availability on the "About You" Section.