Santa's Trees' Fundraising

We offer your school or nonprofit organization the opportunity to raise funds by operating a partial Christmas tree sale or a full traditional Christmas tree lot.  Please contact us for more information regarding the opportunities available for your area.

Brentwood High School

With the help of the HG Hill Realty and US Bank in Brentwood, Santa's Trees ihas donated a portion of the Franklin Road lot's annual proceeds to Brentwood High School—raising more than $100,000 since 1996 to help the booster club support Brentwood students.

Centennial High School

In 2008, Santa’s Trees began operating a tree lot at 530 Cool Springs Blvd in partnership with Brookside Properties and Walgreens, who made the site available. Thanks to their generosity, Santa’s Trees donates a percentage of profits from the Franklin lot every year to Centennial High School.

Hillsboro High School

The seasonal Christmas tree sale and fundraiser has been a tradition at Hillsboro High School for more than three decades. In 2014, Santa's Trees was selected to take over the Hillsboro tree lot. The money raised pays for student supplies and staff development, says HHS principal Terry Shrader. “It’s something we count on,” he says.

East Magnet School

In 2015, Santa’s Trees began operating a traditional Christmas tree lot at 110 Gallatin Avenue for the East Magnet School which provides funds for student incentives and awards.  The onsite sale was a giant success and we look forward to helping make this an annual tradition for the community in East Nashville